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Cube Dodger - The fast-paced dodging game with an exciting soundtrack.

CUBE DODGER has finally arrived to the App Store! It's extremely addictive and fun! In Cube Dodger, you must control the little yellow SquareShip through your device's accelerometer. Simply tilt your screen left or right to dodge the incoming blocks. As the speed of the ship starts to increase, you are forced to evade the cubes at a much more rapid rate with the help of pure SKILL and CONCENTRATION. Use quick thinking to navigate your way around the blocks and try to escape from as many as possible before your ship crashes! With amazing SOUND EFFECTS and UPBEAT MUSIC, Cube Dodger becomes an EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING and EXHILARATING experience. The game just keeps getting FASTER, so you might not want to put your iPhone or iPod Touch down for a long time!

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Jumper. - Get as high as you can with this GoldenBall.

“Jumper.” is an arcade-styled game that's not only extremely EASY TO LEARN but also remarkably FAST-PACED. The objective of the game is quite simple: Get as high as you can. The farther up you go, the more your score will increase as the colorful platforms will start to decrease in number. To guide the Golden Ball, simply tap on the left or right side of the ball to move it around the screen. Use quick thinking to direct your fingers to the right platforms and balance the ball before it gets out of control!

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Super Browser - Easily navigate without saving URL history.

Super Browser is one of the smoothest browsers available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With a classy layout, Super Browser is the easiest to utilize and provides a fun experience for all types of users.

Super Browser makes it easy to navigate to any URL or search for something on the internet with just a simple touch. The browser provides Stop/Reload as well as Forward/Back buttons.

Super Browser also does not save URL history on the app itself in order to provide a clean structure throughout the display page. The browser is also capable of playing full-screen video.